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Top home Trends for 2020 How revamping your home can sell it

Top home Trends for 2020For sellers, making a few small tweaks and looking at top home trends for 2020 can help set your house apart from the competition, Some sellers choose to hire professional stagers to increase the look and appeal of their home. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, revamping your home can have an impact on selling a house.

40 percent of buyers’ agents reported that home staging had an effect on how most buyers viewed the home. 83 percent of buyers’ agents said staging a home helped buyers picture the house as their future home. 25 percent of buyers’ agents said that staging increased the value offered between 1 percent and 5 percent, compared to similar homes without staging.

Like staging, investing in the right updates can increase your return on investment. Experts agree that in a competitive market, the right changes can make all the difference, so keep reading.

Homeowners can enjoy a “new” home without moving

The resale reform market has seen a surge in activity. This is due to the number of outdated properties available and lack of modern and contemporary ones on the market. Most of the available Spanish resale market tend to be dark with small windows and separate kitchens. The mode now is for light open plan living. Which the new properties offer but at a premium! So investing in these areas in your home for sale can be a sales advantage.

When living in Spain we spend more time at home socialising and entertaining in our outside spaces. Terraces and bbq and pool areasTop home Trends for 2020 are used frequently sometimes all year round when the sun is shining! So make sure these areas look usable, appealing and inviting.

Think of your outdoor space as another room, Younger buyers often want to see social trends reflected in their living space and — as rooftop bars and other outdoor gathering areas gain popularity — this is appealing in a home, too.

Creating an outdoor living room might be as easy as rearranging patio furniture and adding some lights and Bluetooth speakers. Homeowners starting from scratch should begin with an even foundation, which might mean putting in a concrete slab or wooden deck. Use pillows and blankets to add texture and warmth. Lighting plays an important part in creating an inviting ambiance. An easy way to add lights is to use simple string lighting, lanterns and LED candles.

Top home trends of 2020How revamping your home can sell it

From smart-home systems to outdoor living rooms, experts weigh in on the year’s most popular design features that will help give your house a fresh look that both sellers and homeowners can benefit from.

Smart-home systems

For the uninitiated, integrated smart-home systems are basically a variety of devices that are linked to a single hub, which coordinates everything. They range from six-figure customized systems to out-of-the-box gizmos you can install yourself for a couple hundred euros.

Smart-home technology can be grouped into two basic categories: convenience and security. Convenience tech includes things like automated thermostats and Bluetooth audio (yes, you can have your very own theme song play when you enter your home). The security category includes cameras and alarm systems.

Buyers like cameras and app-based home automation systems. They want to remotely control their lighting systems and blinds. If they’re away, they want to be able to turn off the thermostat.

Farmhouse modern lookHow revamping your home can sell it

From home makeover shows to big-box retailers, the trend best known as “farmhouse modern” is a favourite this year

This is a look that’s easy to replicate in almost any style of home. The modern farmhouse look takes natural elements (reclaimed wood, rattan, wicker) and gives them a sleek, architectural look. Nowadays, these trends are accessible to anyone thanks to stores like Ikea, zara,

People are now really getting into an eco-conscious lifestyle. Things that appeal to today’s homeowners are natural finishes and fabrics, like cotton, that have a more organic appeal. They want a rustic, homely feel.

Bold accents

Playful and expressive might be two words to describe home trends in 2020. Buyers are responding to wow-factor elements in homes, whether it’s a unique, colourful kitchen backsplash or a single statement wall in the living room.

Colourful kitchen cabinets are replacing the all-white look, too. So homeowners who want to update their kitchen without dumping a ton of money into it can simply repaint their cabinets. Cobalt blue and greens are popular colour choices. Pair colourful cabinets with mixed metals, like pewter and brass, and your kitchen has suddenly entered 2020.

People are really gravitating toward bold designs — people want boldness in colour. Like a tertiary colour scheme, the white-on-white kitchens and the white-on-white walls are fading away. For a new colour scheme in your kitchen, we recommend talking to Samantha Bayley from the painted kitchen. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, she is the goto person on the Costa del Sol.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an inexpensive, easy-to-install product for creating a dramatic wall, without the time and labour that traditional wallpaper requires. From wild prints to simple patterns, there’s a wide variety of paper to choose from online or at certain stores like Leroy Merlin.

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