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We do the searching, you find a home!

Make the move to Spain

Make the move to Spain

Have you ever thought about moving to Spain and buying a home?  or watched a place in the sun and thought I could do that?

or maybe you have been looking on the internet for some time and now feel overwhelmed with the options available to you and scared by the different laws and regulations in another country not wanting to make a mistake with your life savings?

Are you tired of the cold damp weather and looking for 320 days of sunshine a year?

Or maybe you are just looking for a genuinely better healthier quality of lifestyle for you and your family?

Well, I have identified 21 steps that you need to take to purchase your dream home safely and confidently in Spain on the Costa del Sol.

I have made it my mission to learn what these processes are so that I can replicate them for you, my clients to follow step by step.

I have broken these steps down into bite-sized videos and informative blog posts for you to follow and then I will provide you with a Make the move to Spain reference handbook for you to refer back to in the future whilst on your home buying journey.

I am going to provide you with a video series that will enable you to make the move to Spain.

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who come to Spain looking to buy a property and have no idea of the buying process in Spain or even the costs incurred. Let alone the area they actually want to live in or the type of property

I moved to Spain 20 years ago with my two small children aged 3 and 6 my 2 horses and 2 dogs. I didn’t speak any Spanish at the time which is why I choose real estate as my profession so that I could work with English speaking clients.

I had great training from one of the largest real estate agents on the coast and over the past 20 years, I have seen a boom a recession and a Brexit! Throughout all of these times, real estate has continued to move forward be it up or down as Spain will always be a perfect place to live if you want great weather, a healthy lifestyle, warm friendly local people, many local festivals, beautiful beaches and mountains plus great food and wine. And importantly just a couple of hours away on a flight from friends and family in the UK.

In the make the move to Spain video series, I  to take you through the buying process so that you can easily and confidently make the move to Spain. The topics I cover include:

  1. How to search online for a property in Spain
  2. Deciding on a budget for my Spanish property
  3. Do I need a mortgage in Spain? How to apply for a mortgage in Spain.
  4. What are the buying costs in Spain?
  5. Why use a currency exchange company?
  6. Choosing a real estate agent in Spain
  7. How to research areas in Spain
  8. Search for a property in Spain with the help of an agent.
  9. Deciding on the property type in Spain: apartment, townhouse, villa, country Finca

Advantages of each property type Vs Disadvantages:

  1. Book a viewing trip and touring with an agent in Spain
  2. Finding my dream home and making an offer on a property in Spain
  3. Negotiating an offer on a property in Spain
  4. when is an offer accepted in Spain
  5. Meeting a lawyer for a consultation to answer any questions in Spain
  6. Requesting a mortgage valuation in Spain
  7. Power of attorney NIE and opening a bank account in Spain
  8. 10% Private purchase contract
  9. Signing at the notary in Spain
  10. Collect the keys to my property in Spain
  11. Real estate follow up process in Spain

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