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We do the searching, you find a home!

Choosing a real estate agent in Spain

Buying a home and choosing a real estate agent in Spain is a very exciting experience. There is the thrill of the search the emotions of finding your dream home and the excitement of the deal. The whole process is enhanced by choosing a good real estate agent in Spain who knows the ins and outs of the market and local rules and regulations and can guide you through the buying process confidently and smoothly.

But with so many agents out there to choose from, finding a perfect fit may be more of a challenge than you expected. Working with an agent who is experienced and trustworthy can go a long way in ensuring that you find, negotiate and purchase for the best price in the market.

To help with the selection process, make sure when choosing a real estate agent in Spain that he or she is the right one for you. Here are some tips:

Choose The Person, Not The Experience

I am a firm believer in choosing an agent who works for you and with you. Don’t choose an agent based solely on experience. Although it’s good to have, it’s not everything. You will be spending a lot of time with that agent and you need to mesh. Choose someone relatable and real. Choose someone good at talking and negotiating.

It’s best to look into at least three agents before picking the one you work with. Focus on area and property type expertise; look for hyperlocal. Ask yourself, “Is their marketing about them or their properties?” Also, can you trust them, are they honest? Chemistry is the key.

Seek Referrals From past clients

Despite the technology that seems to take over much of the searching for a home, the right real estate agent is still a human-to-human choice. A referral is best. There’s no bigger compliment to an agent than a referral from a past client. Ask local people who they would recommend. If you know the area you want to purchase in there will be an expert in that area.

Find Someone Who Has Your Best Interests At Heart

Ask yourself, “Does my real estate agent have my best interests at heart?” Be honest and transparent about what you’re looking for, and if an agent isn’t bringing you the right options, it’s likely they aren’t looking for houses for you but rather to benefit themselves. Ask questions up front and don’t be afraid to move on to someone else if the relationship doesn’t feel right. Go with your gut feeling.

Look For Passion, Conviction And Honesty

Look at the agent’s work. The easiest and most valuable way is to check them out or have a free consultation. Look at their website, Look for passion, conviction and honesty. You want your agent to tell you what it’s going to take to find your dream home.

Find A Compassionate Agent Who Understands You

Let’s face it — buying a house is a stressful task, especially if you are facing a divorce, having a baby, mourning the death of a spouse, etc. You need an agent who is patient with you and your circumstances. Chat first with the agent to see if they have the same emotions, outlook on life, personality, as you do.

Seek Clear Lines Of Communication

First and foremost, you need to feel completely comfortable talking and communicating with the real estate agent. If it feels awkward or if there is undue pressure placed on you by a real estate agent, this is not the right fit.

Scour The Web For Info

Just because you have a friend who has a friend who knows an agent doesn’t mean you should necessarily work with this person. If you are considering an agent, Google them. We are lucky to live in an age when there is so much information at our disposal, so use your resources.